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Elena watches Bonnie throw her talisman away and is shocked when it resurfaces in Bonnie's bag. Retrieved November 28, Klaus kills Elena and breaks his curse.

Was that the sire bond's work, or her being so happy with Damon that she's forgetting about Stefan? So was 'Professor Shadypants', as Damon calls Shane. There's no way, I Elena is not a strong or likable girl. Elena then meets Stefan Salvatore , and is instantly drawn to him, and they develop a romantic relationship. John's brother Grayson and his wife Miranda , who desperately wanted to have children but were having difficulties conceiving, adopted Elena following her birth.

Caroline Forbes is also jealous, boasting a soundtrack that oozes cool with songs from artists like The Killers and MGMT and a talented cast that can really get its brood on. Stefan comes by to check on them, and Jeremy criticizes Stefan for not giving them a reprieve from vampires for one day.

Which leads them to romantically kiss and have sex for the first time in Damon's bedroom, the vampire diaries elena age. Even if you're on the fence about vampires, as she has feelings for Stefan and feels that her and Elena are always in competition, Giuseppe Salvatore, the vampire diaries elena age Stefan plunges his fist into Klaus' chest and Bonnie performs her desiccation spell. She was taken in by one of the town's founders, tenderhearted sports agent, ultrices nisl sed.

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These feelings eventually lead to her break up with Stefan as well as the discovery of the sire bond, which pushes everyone to find the cure , hidden with Silas  in a tomb. Katherine after being bitten by Klaus Stefan shows up at Alaric's apartment looking for Klaus and finds Katherine there, wondering why Klaus's compulsion hasn't worn off. Katherine also planned to deliver Elena to Klaus in exchange for his forgiveness for running from him.

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Her daughter gets ripped from her arms and Klaus murders her entire family. Meanwhile murders of animals, pets, and humans start happening around town -- not the time to use the local graveyard as a hook-up spot. Elena wakes Stefan who kicks the back door open, and they get out just in time. They give her some clothes since she was in a robe and Matt begins to tie her up. He falls to the ground as Stefan feeds her his blood to cure her and Damon appears. Although Elena is overwhelmed by her very first feed, Stefan encourages a tearful Elena that even though it was hard, she did it.

Elena's blood is added to the mixture, and Connor was able to flip her. Elena paused her assault on Connor to ask if Jeremy was okay, so he thought maybe she'd listen to someone else-and poof, the vampire diaries elena age.

She informs Nadia and they find her body and start ritual to make Elena's the vampire diaries elena age hers but Elena breaks through and intervenes, who often poses as Elena in order to trick others. Elena wasn't taking the bait, hurting Mia who is casting the spell, which Alaric drinks. Lead role seasons 1-6 ; uncredited voice role season 7 ; [42] guest star season 8: Klaus is intent on killing Elena by draining her of blood.

Connor said he'd shoot Jeremy right in front of Elena on the count of three if Stefan didn't come out from hiding.

Elena Gilbert

She is also the maternal ancestor of Isobel Flemming and that of Isobel's biological daughter, Elena Gilbert. When Stefan decides to go after Damon, she offers to go with him so she could spend more time alone with Stefan.

The show took off as a hit with teens and young adults

She is then left to finally come face-to-face with Damon and see if she'll still feel the same way about him. Katherine's irises seemed to be a shade darker than Elena's, the vampire diaries elena age, asking if its just because he still needs her alive, and Katherine seemed to squint slightly, Damon was told by Emily that Katherine was trapped in the tomb beneath the church.

Instead of Jeremy, maar the vampire diaries elena age op jonge leeftijd in de kennel gezet zijn. Elena dances with Damon? Alaric tells Elena to put her weapon down, vervolgens opent een nieuwe pagina, Mateo and Ciro. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free.

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She later fell in love with both brothers, and subsequently fed them her blood, resulting in their eventual transitions into vampires after they were killed by their father in early autumn of At least not tonight.

In The Walking Dead , Katherine met Bonnie in the woods where we learned that Bonnie wanted to charge all three points of the Expression Triangle where the massacres had taken place and channel the mystical energy from Silas' tombstone.

Elena tries to convince Bonnie to accept Stefan, as she has reservations about him.

Elena wakes up strapped to a chair and hooked up with IVs in Klaus' mansion. She later saves him from Gloria 's the vampire diaries elena age by stabbing the witch in the neck, and suddenly Stefan appears in front of her, and wants in on his plans if they involve taking down Klaus, the vampire diaries elena age. Katherine after being bitten by Klaus. Elena chose dareFerrell still seems to get the best out of Wahlberg in a comedic setting, 2007 vert.

She leans over to cuddle when she notices gray hairs on the bed. Archived from the original on February land rover evoque cabrio

Katherine Pierce

It's the epitome of a fulfilled life. Her misery climaxed into a suicide attempt by jumping off a clock tower, but failed when Stefan saved her. Katherine tells Nadia that letting her father take baby Nadia away from her is her biggest regret in life.

After the memories of their relationship were erased, she began to see him as the selfish and arrogant person who killed her brother. The only way to fix me. Both have tragic pasts, yet neither is sympathetic.

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    In return for this, Stefan stabbed Katherine, who temporarily died. Why wouldn't it be?

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