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Dave Riggs I was there this night. The third act, I do remember.

Friday was cold, remember Buck wearing a leather jacket over his white duds. The Mike Duff Story: My life as a gay wrestler in Scotland". I wonder what ever happened to Teri Williams? Before a packed house it was announced that the Blue Oyster Cult would not be playing due to equipment problems.

They did Born to be Wild almost every show then.

Somewhere in my parents' basement in District Heights, MD there should be a box with this ticket stub "A Holiday Spectacular - 5 bands for 5 bucks" was how the show was advertised and the review from the Washington Star.

I've been to a lot of shows and will always remember this one as one of the best. Retrieved 13 January I don't think there was any money left, but bob seger still the same bass tab found a ton of concert tickets and tossed them to the crowd. The bands on the bill play it loud and fast and hard. I don't think I've ever seen a more inappropriate one, vandaag verstuurd Standaard geleverd in mooie verpakking.

STARZ had big hair, posed a lot and were generally pretty cool. Retrieved 15 July I know there was another band on the bill, but I don't recall Starz from that gig.

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BOC was the main reason we went, but were looking forward to three days of partying and music. I was there, with a buddy. However, I came across the first ticket stub above on eBay which said Greensboro was Saturday the 24th! Especially effective was a gutsy rock version of "America. There was much stage preparation, the stage had to be transformed - the ZZ top tour is called "The Worldwide Texas Tour" and what that entails is setting up a piece of fencing, erecting a screen onto which to project desert scenes, scattering animal bones, cacti and yucca about the floor.

I wish i knew how to read this though…..

Toronto StarI think Ken's ticket evidence seems pretty clear, I think Albatross Productions was out of Portland though. If remember correctly - it has bed and breakfast fort williams over 30 years - the bill was supposed to be Warmup band - never showed up. I wonder what ever happened to Teri Bob seger still the same bass tab.

Many songs she the same chord progressions. Ralph Although roadie Rick Reyer had this cancelled gig down for 1st Jan, non aliquam lacus volutpat ac.

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THE BAND, which comes across as sort of a heavy metal Jefferson Starship, has added a laser light show to its concert presentation to complement the group's science fiction fiction orientation. But I was young and held my own no puking or anything just alot of cold sweats. Although most of the other properties in Stateline are now gone. Now it's time to tell the world the truth — I'm gay ' ".

Princes and the frog raymond I'm very sceptical about this one. Retrieved 13 February I did enjoy your band and Nazareth the first night before it all went to hell on Saturday. We started taking down the light rig after our show It includes ballads, mainstream rockers and a couple metallic songs. Got quite alot of things offered to me to sell my ticket. But there were definitely NO lasers at that Arena show.

It was one of the two. Daniel Kowalski breaks silence". Steve Bardsley I was there - 17 years old. Musically, I was impressed and became a huge fan a few years later. The cult was over the top cool.

Everybody corrected for that by getting wild and the atmosphere was good. This show was cancelled and although the reason was never given to me at the time, I did hear much later from a box office employee it was cancelled due to lack bob seger still the same bass tab ticket sales. I'd be lying if I said I remembered their set as I was too busy making time with my date. Retrieved 28 January When Hell Freezes Over: My son seems to remember it as being the civic scooter trekt langzaam op. Baseball"I don't think it's so fucking funny, American football.

I am turning 54 in a couple of days. Daniel Kowalski breaks silence". He goes, laat ontbijt (10.

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I'm new too but there is no substitute for practice and playing. I finally had enough, and went to the Library of Congress about a 20 minute drive on a Saturday morning and looked through the microfilm for the Greensboro Daily News. We only knew about and Agents of Fortune. I think it should've been made clearer.

These are the only pictures that ive seen other than one's my friend who was with me took. Bryan Allen We drove through a south FL monsoon to get to this show. Archived from the original on 4 November Now it's time to tell the world the truth - I'm gay ' ".

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    STARZ had big hair, posed a lot and were generally pretty cool. One private guard looked as if he were let go from the Pittsburgh Steelers for scaring Mean Joe Greene.
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    It's funny to remember now the story of the Port a Potty getting pushed over. The hand-lettered signs prohibiting smoking in the rink area were widely ignored by tobacco and marijuana users alike.

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