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You Can’t Keep The Good Down

It’s been put through the ringer for centuries and yet it still always shines true that the good, the cream of the crop, always rises to the top. This is just as true in our little skateboarding universe as it is anywhere, or anytime, else.

Today, we bring to you two of the very best we’ve come across in a while. Two instant classics. Well, one instant classic and one new classic comprised of many classic clips both seen and unseen from the most influential companies of the last 20 years.

First up is The Philadelphia Experiment from Caste Quality, Chris Mulhern’s new company. With Chris at the helm, you know that this is going to be a top-notch production from the get go. What you don’t know, well, what you don’t know you’ll soon discover!

There is more than a handful of people out there who were let down by the final result of the Girl/Chocolate video, Pretty Sweet. These people have recently been given cause to rejoice, and rightfully so. The Tennyson Corporation has essentially put together what amounts to the lost Girl/Chocolate video featuring all of your favorites, particularly those who may not have had as much footage featured in Pretty Sweet…

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