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Primarily I'm excited to see a comedy news anchor go after the things that have been off-limits for comedy central personas due to their network status. Episode 30 Season 2 Ep.

Streaming episode S03E20 Now! In my opinion, John doesn't, or at least attempts not to alienate any viewership the show may achieve but the show is perhaps designed to engage those with an open mind. Episode Season 4 Ep. Streaming episode S04E25 Now! After seeing Oliver act campy for so long, it's hard to take him seriously as a host. Much of the time, Oliver is content to shoot rubber bullets at sitting-duck targets.

Streaming episode S04E08 Now! Streaming episode S03E19 Now. There have been a lot of comparisons to the Daily Show so I decided to point out some important last week tonight online free.

And in spite of it being a comedy show, he tackles very serious issues in just the right manner. Streaming episode S03E13 Now. It has the "stupid politician does stupid thing" segments? Streaming episode S04E01 Now?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Season 5 (2018)

John Oliver   David Kaye. Episode 66 Season 3 Ep. Episode 43 Season 2 Ep. A couple of examples of serious satire from the first episodes are the death penalty, the hypocritical stance of politicians towards people like the Sultan of Brunei or even the fun'n'serious interview of the ex-chief of the NSA.

Episode 64 Season 3 Ep.

John or His Show. His subjects are very, very timely after all it is a news show and relevant. He has a genius comic presence, and the best material, one must have sunshine? Streaming episode S03E12 Now. Streaming episode S05E25 Last week tonight online free. Simply the best television program ever. Episode 7 Season 1 Ep! Everyone on the Daily Show was supposed to the foil to Jon Stewart's calm voice of reason.

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But after I watched one or two episodes of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight last year, I was addicted to watch it every single week until now, and I sure will never stop following the show.

The situation in the Ukraine has endless nuances worth exploring pro and con , but Oliver glosses over them all and contents himself with ridiculing Putin - an easy, politically-correct target that everyone from David Letterman to Saturday Night Live has already exploited ad nauseam.

Episode 95 Season 4 Ep.

John Oliver as Himself - Host. Streaming episode S02E01 Now. Streaming episode S03E12 Now. I can't believe this is still on the air. There have been a lot of comparisons to the Daily Show so I decided to point out some important distinctions.

Episode 25 Season 2 Ep. Streaming episode S01E07 Now! His insightful outlook and commentary on a wide variety of issues is well worth the half hour plus internet content. Streaming episode S05E09 Now!

Episode 52 Season 2 Ep? Episode 25 Season 2 Ep. Streaming episode S03E11 Now, last week tonight online free. Streaming episode S04E19 Now. I greatly hope HBO will continue this show as it's the best comedy late night hosted whatever genre you call this currently on TV. Streaming episode S04E01 Now.

I find John Oliver to be more hysterical and informative than Stephen Colbert and John Stewart and I've been a fan of theirs since I first started watching their shows.

Seasons and episodes

Aside from what one can only consider J Streaming episode S03E12 Now! Streaming episode S02E35 Now!

Streaming episode S03E09 Now. You will see the improvements day by day. John cuts through the bullshit and touches on real news.

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